Bellringing at the Bell Tower, Perth

Welcome to the website of the St Martin’s Society of Change Ringers.
We are the band of ringers who practise and teach full-circle bellringing at the Bell Tower in Perth, Western Australia.
New members are welcome!

St.Martin’s Society has recently installed a change ringing simulator on the ‘dumb bell’, which handles exactly as a proper bell. A wall-mounted tablet computer runs the latest version of Virtual Belfry, and enables ringers to practise ringing by listening / rhythm as well as ring methods by ropesight, and is available to all ringers by arrangement.

Learn to ring!


Although Western Australia has largely avoided cases of community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and is currently isolated from some other states and internationally, there are still restrictions in place to ensure a safe environment. 


Ringing takes place on Thursday and and Sunday 12.00-13.00, and on some Saturdays, if there is sufficient demand.  

All ringers who would like to attend are asked to email the Tower Captain in advance.


  • Please avoid physical contact such as handshaking, hugging, kissing
  • Please enter through the ringing room if possible and not the level 1 office, the passcode to the door has been circulated
  • Please wash hands often and use the hand sanitiser before and after ringing.
  • If you have a drink please ensure the kitchen is kept clean and all utensils washed properly.
  • Please read the Tower’s safety plan.

Sincerely, Tony(Tower Captain) 

St Martin’s Society: who we are

Our name comes from the origin of twelve of our bells – The Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London. Now known as the Swan Bells, and with new bells added, they are one of only three peals of sixteen change-ringing bells in the world. This makes the Bell Tower a highly desirable destination for visiting ringers, especially from overseas. The Bell Tower is also one of the very few places where visitors may walk around and observe the bells while they are ringing, as well as the ringers below. 

St.Martin’s members range in age from teenagers to people in their eighties, and are from all walks of life. Many learned to ring in England as youngsters, others were taught right here in Perth.

The society is an independent incorporated body under the leadership of an elected tower captain and committee.

Our current Tower Captain is Tony Murray-Feist (pictured at right), who has been ringing since he was twelve. Please contact Tony with any queries about the society and ringing with us at the Bell Tower.

Listen to the 16 bells being rung together:

Learning to ring bells at the Bell Tower

Ringing times

We ring the bells in full-circle change ringing at the following times:

Thursday, some Saturdays and Sunday 12.00 – 13.00 (General ringing)

Please contact the Tower Captain for more confirmation and information, if you are not already on our email list.

There is ringing on other civic days and holidays by arrangement, please our calendar for more information.

Please see the Bell Tower website for opening times when it is possible to see the Swan Bells, many other exhibits, and the ringing chamber.

Education and training

 There is an ongoing education and training program in conjunction with the WA branch of ANZAB. Workshops are held regularly and this year will focus on ringing by listening, bell handling skills and improving ropesight. a We welcome all who want to improve their ringing! For more information please email us.


Visiting ringers

Visiting ringers from other towers are always warmly welcomed at ringing times, regardless of their proficiency, and are offered a St Martin’s polo-shirt once they have rung the bells (but, sorry, this will cost $40.00…) Please send us an email in advance so that we can confirm ringing is taking place, look out for you, and ensure that reception staff do not request the admission fee!

Please let us know if you are interested in ringing a quarter peal.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Bell Tower!


This website was produced by the St Martin’s Society of Change Ringers Inc.Thank you to the following ringers, parents and friends who contributed:

  • David Nicolson, photographer
  • Tony Murray-Feist, tower captain, St Martin’s Society
  • Irene Mackenzie, secretary, St Martin’s Society
  • Heather Patman
  • Richard Offen
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